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November 23, 2013
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BW--A: Deirdre by deizunei BW--A: Deirdre by deizunei
It's been a long time since I've posted something at 4am..
I've wanted to join this group since I first saw it but I was never sure what sort of character to make until I heard a song that matched with one of my character's story and got excited~ so after I joined and received my dorm I played with her story a bit and changed her name u v u (She was previously named Emma lol )

Name: Deirdre

Age:  unknown

Gender: Female

Sexuality: pansexual (leans more towards women)

Dorm: Diamond

P.E. | Culinary Practices | Dark Runes

Power/Species:  Devil (Cast out angel)
• shapeshift
• teleportation
• dark magic

Height: 1,65m

Weight: 50kg

Hair Colour: white and turquoise

Eye Colour: black with a turquoise glow


Discreet | Kind | Tolerant | Dishonest | Mischievous 



+ Dark Humor and will often tell jokes that may leave people uncomfortable
+ pink candy
+ cats
+ rain storms
+ mess and chaos
+ snuggling
+ cooking
+ fights / violence
+ getting bruises


- being lied to (funny isn’t it?)
- little rain drops
- losing her things
- seafood
- looking helpless


Theme Song: “Youth” - Daughter



About You:

A cast out angel who fell in love, and left heartbroken, with a human. She wondered on Earth, creating chaos as she gave in to rage and despair, but many years passed and the one she loved eventually died and so did her feelings. Despite becoming different, mostly physically, from whom she used to be, part of her old self remains inside of her and can often be seen through her expressions and acts of kindness and tolerance.


Other Information:

• “Deirdre” was the name of a tragic character in Irish legend who died of a broken heart after Conchobhar, the king of Ulster, forced her to be his bride and killed her lover Naoise;
• Sometimes feels great embarrassment about what happened in her past and wishes to take everything back;
• She may act in a charming manner;
• She will protect the ones she holds dear, even more if it will guarantee her some bruises.

Student Relationships:  None so far

“Men may cast out demons, and rebuke them in the name of God, but devils are stronger and older, more powerful than anything but beings of an equal, divine weight class. It's for these reasons that while demons might possess people, the devil always shows up in person.”

I liked this phrase for some reason.

 Feel free to ask to rp! <3

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She's so pretty
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I have a hard time starting so if it's okay with you..
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