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JH: Yoshikawa Ayumu by deizunei JH: Yoshikawa Ayumu by deizunei
App for :iconjonetsu--high: I made a girly so :icontwinklexmyxheart:'s Kellen wouldn't be lonely anymore ; v ; ♥
I will go crazy with so many groups and commissions hahahahahaha worth it

I hope I didn't make her story too sad, I kinda got carried away writing it = v =' Also, sorry I didn't shade OTL

•Yoshikawa (吉川) , Ayumu (歩む)

•None at the moment


• 15th December



•NA (underweight)

Blood Type;

School Year; 
•Second Year

Extracurricular Subject/Club;
•Dance and Gymnastics

•street fashion
•anything cute/pink/frilly
•getting cute cases for her iphone
•small dogs
•magical girls

•loud people
•when people talk to her too fast
•untangling her hair
•waking up early
•Sunny Summer days

What They were like before Jonetsu Boarding School; 

 Ayumu lived with her envious mother who physically and verbally abused her every day as she was jealous of Ayumu’s similarities with her grandmother.


A quiet girl with a troubled mind. Due to her past she has a slight paranoia where even the slightest sudden movement, even if it’s just a bird passing by, will make her flinch and turn her face red. The nicer she is treated, the nicer she will treat that person whether she knows them for a week or an hour, she will offer them some of her food and greet them every time.
Because she came from an abusive home, she can’t step up for someone who is being bullied, instead she will tremble and run away, which later makes her feel like a coward. She also has a somewhat rude side, if she is approached by someone she doesn’t quite like she will pretend she didn’t bring her hearing aids and will mock them by only using sign language, and sometimes sign things about that person since they most likely won’t understand it.


 Ayumu’s grandmother was a wealthy old lady who used to be famous for her dance shows where she showed elegant and gentle moves with a fan, but later quit to start her own family. She had a daughter with beautiful black hair who got pregnant and, despite not wanting the baby, gave birth to a baby girl whom she named “Ayumu”, but the baby was born deaf. Her mother offered to support them financially but her pride didn't let her accept such offer, so instead they decided that, as a grandmother, she would take care of Ayumu while her mother was working.
As Ayumu grew her mother noticed more and more similarities between her and her grandmother such as the hair, the love for the traditional Japanese dance, and even the way she behaved; it drove her mother mad of envy because she admired her mother very much but they looked nothing alike.

When Ayume was 8, her mother took her away from her grandmother to raise her herself but she had become cruel and unloving, and unlike her grandmother, Ayumu’s mother did not know sign language so the communication between the two of them was very bad. Needless to say she never went back to her grandmother’s house nor spoke to her.

In Junior High School, Ayumu began using hearing aids but always removed them when the class was over as she preferred the silence, especially at home. Being different than most people didn’t bother her the least and she eventually learned how to completely ignore those who wanted to bring her down, but at home it was a different story, it was impossible to ignore her mother’s abusive behavior.
One day, after finding an old family album, she saw a photo of her grandmother when she was young and simply became amazed at the beauty and elegance emanating from her, so Ayumu styled her hair like her grandmother had in the picture, making them look even more similar and when her mother came home and saw her...things didn’t go very well.
Once things settled down, it was past 8pm, it was raining, and Ayumu was walking outside with the few belongings of hers that had been thrown out the window. There was only one place she wanted to go at that moment. There was only one person she wanted to see.

She stopped in front of a big, and yet old fashioned, house and in one of the windows could be seen an old lady with long white hair falling over her shoulders and tied in a bun at the end. Her grandmother  opened the door with a smile both sad and happy, and took her in. They were both happy and enjoyed each other’s company, and Ayumu’s grades improved drastically. On her birthday, her grandmother asked if she would like to be enrolled in Jonetsu High but the only reply Ayumu gave was a few squeals which were taken as a “YES!”.

Other Information;
•She’s underweight so she may often be seen eating
•Some scars and bruises can still be seen in her arms, torso and legs
•She aspires to be a dancer like her grandmother was
•She uses sign language while she speaks
•Will stalk the person she likes and peek at them while hiding behind something
•Will wear a kimono and dance to earn extra money
•Rarely uses her hearing aids outside class
•Her phone is always on vibrate (for obvious reasons) and always keeps it in her pocket

“Oh! Did you hear that? Me neither.”
"Get it? 'Cause I'm deaf."
“Please, don’t put that anywhere near my mouth.”
“Ahh~! Isn't it cute?”

Aoi Yuuki (Couldn't find a decent sample but her voice is similar to Madoka Kaname)

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KUMALICIOUS Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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Shidare-Zakura Featured By Owner Dec 17, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
What a mega cutie omigosh!! > v < <333 And her story is so nicely developed QvQ So sad though, aaa the poor thing. I just wanna give her lots of hugs.
deizunei Featured By Owner Dec 19, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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Pinkaila Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2013  Hobbyist
Not only is she insanely adorable, but soooo well developed and interesting ;;u;; love that she's the timid sort, yet quite naughty to people by pretending she can't hear them, ahuu <33 so nice to see a deaf character too, not many around >u< love herrr!!
deizunei Featured By Owner Dec 19, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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Socin-shi Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2013
:iconcannotevenplz: Omggg~ She's so cuute >u< I really want to accept her now but I have to wait for consent from the founder :iconlazycryplz:

I love her back story! It's very sad and depressing, but it's also cute how she wants to be like her grandmother.  It's very original and breaks all those stereotypical tragic back story cliches, I don't think I've ever seen one like it!
deizunei Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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OKAY :iconluvluvplz:  THIS...........IS YOUR BEST CHARACTER YET!! :iconloveloveplz:

Her sorrowful story literally made me shed a tear of how tragic it was :iconuuwahplz: Her personality is just so lovely and heart-warming :iconyuiheavenplz: Kellen will protect her :iconhesmileplz: And her design is REALLY original! :iconchitandacuriousplz: Just the detail is just flawless and just AHH~ AMAZING!! :iconomgmoreplz: I can't wait for her to meet Kellen :iconyattaaplz: I know they're gonna be a beautiful pair together!! :iconomgsocuteplz: Thank you so so much for joining this lovely group, Waifu! :iconyuiglompplz: You're the best!!!! :iconsnugplz: :iconluvluvplz:
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